Software testing

Software testing

Kasimedia offers software testing services. Our dedicated team of skilled software testers provides a full range of quality assurance services, including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and reporting, control of software development processes. Software quality and its conformation to requirements is of paramount importance to deliver required performance and to achieve required standards. We are able to test software product user-friendliness, stability, security, its adherence to functional and performance requirements, and any other aspect required.

What We Do

Our QA team is engaged in checking the software at every stage during the process of development to ensure that the software delivers the required quality. To do this, we check the following:

Review of:

Software Requirements / System Specifications / Project Plan / Software Architecture / Databases Structure

Software Testing:

Functional Testing / Regression Testing / Performance Testing / Configuration Testing / Installation Testing / Code Inspections

Usability Testing:

GUI Testing / Design Review Security Testing / Testing Automation / Supplemented documentation quality control / Internal Audits. You are free to discuss and choose all or any of the software quality assurance services upon your needs and requirements.

Benefits Improved software quality:

Through achieving full compatibility with majority of applications within reasonable time and cost.

Increased speed-to-market:

gained through testing approach and reduced beta-test cycle.

Improved development process:

Through accumulated knowledge and established code improvement practices.

Reduced Help Desk costs:

Gained through eliminating compatibility issues that count for up to 80% of time of customer support personnel.

Increased user satisfaction:

Due to improved software quality